The publications available below show both my academic side and my practical side. Along with my experience in regulatory compliance, they form an rigorous basis for our consulting services. The articles before 1990 are in either law journals or peer reviewed journals and show both my interest in the theoretical and econometric analysis of legal questions. The Coase Theorem is probably the most important idea in Law and Economics as a field and my work was both a theoretical and empirical test of whether the assignment of property rights matters to economic efficiency. My article on discrimination based on HIV infection was based on a brief I wrote in the pioneering case the 9th Circuit case involving a teacher, Vincent Chalk, who was the first to contest his reassignment due to his AIDS. 

My articles about Oil and Gas and other mineral royalties were mostly presented at Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (RMMLF) meetings. They show my expertise in the rules and processes concerning particularly federal and Indian oil and gas royalty. In addition, I was a principal author of many of the federal and Indian royalty regulations promulgated while I was at the Minerals Management Service (MMS, which is now ONRR). These included oil and gas, coal and geothermal valuation, appeals process, transportation allowances and many others.